2 in 1 Rock Climbing Rope Leash

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Looking for a leash that does it all? Look no further. The Wooney Dog 2-in-1 leash can be used as a training leash for better control of your dog in obedience class or like a normal clip on leash for a run or walk around the park. It transforms in seconds and can be used with or without a collar.

To switch from training to regular, slip the stainless steel ring up the length of the rope. Attach the included locking carabiner to the ring and your dog's collar and you're done.

Switching back is just as easy. Simply remove the carabiner from the end ring and thread the handle of the leash through the ring. Slide the ring down the length of the leash and over the adjustable rubber stopper. Slip it over your dogs neck, adjust to the desired tightness by sliding the rubber stopper up or down the leash and you're ready to go.

Our leashes are made from retired rock climbing rope. The ropes are inspected and thoroughly washed to ensure they are clean and ready for their second purpose in life. 

Each handmade rock climbing rope leash tells a story. This rope was used to climb White Horse Ledge in North Conway N.H. as well as many other rock faces throughout it's life. It's slight imperfections only add to it's charm and bring out the character of the rope from it's journey. 

Like a rock climbers belt with it's many loops for quick draws and cams, this leash features a multi color paracord bonus loop just below the handle. It's perfect for clipping on a dog waste bag dispenser or button light to add visibility at night. It also features a quick release swivel clasp for easy use while walking, running or hiking with your best friend.

Each rope is 'Tug Tested' and is guaranteed not to break where is has been clamped together to form the leash. If it breaks, we guarantee a replacement.

Please Note: The rope is not chew proof and also should not be used as a tie out.