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Here's what people are saying about our toys:

Brittany B. - 'Best Toy Ever' -  starstarstarstarstar

"My lil Daisy Mae is obsessed with this toy. She will chew and chew for hours and NOTHING.. it's like it's still brand new!!"

Kaylah S. - 'Holding up well' - starstarstarstarstar

"Our heavy chewer has been playing with this bone for going on a week now and it's still holding up as of now. She usually would have worn down a Nylabone to almost nothing in that time."

Sherry L. - 'Furbulous Toys' - starstarstarstarstar

"These are perfect size for little mouths. Unfortunately for me the cats have taken over my Wooney toys. They love that they bounce and chase the ball everywhere. They are Stella approved."

Veronica L. - 'Fun and durable!' - starstarstarstarstar

"Our pups love their Wooney toys! They’re bouncy and easy to toss around the yard. Plus they’re very strong so we haven’t had to clean up a thousand tiny rubber pieces!"

Ken H. - Perfect for our older dog! - starstarstarstarstar

The bone was soft and chewy and our 9 year old lab loved it! He won't stop playing with it! Probably too soft for a younger dog, but it's nice to have the option of a softer toy.

Tracy R. - Indestructible ball! - starstarstarstarstar

We bought our mayhem ball about a week ago and my dog has been playing with it nonstop and still hasn’t ripped it apart! Great for playing catch too!

Matthew L. - Obsessed - starstarstarstarstar

Our dog is obsessed with these maylee mayhem balls. We went with the large size for a 55 pound dog, which was perfect. Love that they are made in Maine and are recyclable- although it looks like these are going to last forever, even with our dogs’ strong jaws. Easy to throw, with a good weight and shape... the ball takes random bounces which is fun. Cleans easily after a good slober-session too!

Zachary S. - Long Lasting! - starstarstarstarstar

Our dog loves her wooney bones. She will chew on it for hours, especially on rainy days, which helps get out a lot of her energy. The bright colors make them easy to spot in the snow or grass. We are done spending $10-$15 on similar toys.