Our Goal: Priced Right and Good for the Environment

We at Wooney Dog, our goal everyday is to make great eco-friendly toys at an affordable price. Just because dog toys can cost upwards of $25, doesn't mean they have to. We're proud to say that our toys are made in Maine and your purchase shows your support of local growing businesses like ours in the USA.  

When Wooney Dog was founded, we set out to make a product that had a minimal amount of impact on our planet. Today, each and every toy & leash is made from recycled material that previously would have ended up in a landfill. Using our special blend of re-purposed FDA medical grade material and colors we feel we've created a great chew toy for dogs of any size.

If your dog ever does wear out their toy, please recycle it as each toy is 100% recyclable. Along with our toys, all of our shipping and packaging materials are fully recyclable as well. Please do your part and dispose of all Wooney Dog items properly and we can all make the world a better place.