What's a Wooney?

Let us define it for you:

Wooney: \ wü-nē \ ~ 'A happy go lucky, always ready to play, curled up by your feet at night, best friend you could have asked for dog.'

This is our Wooney Dog, he also goes by his other name Boris.


Boris was a rather adventurous puppy. After chewing the third pair of slippers to shreds in a week, digging up the tulips in the garden and deciding the legs of the kitchen table looked too much like sticks not to gnaw on, something had to be done!

That's where Wooney Dog toys come in. Our toys are designed to occupy your dog at a price that won't break the bank. No dog toy is completely indestructible, but using our exclusive recycled material we aim to give your dog a great chewing experience with lasting durability.

If it sounds like you have a Wooney Dog too, check out our products.